Why saturated steam?

Our specialised machinery superheats the water and precisely delivers saturated steam to blanket and completely destroy each and every weed. This also reduces the environment impact your weeding will have.

Will THe water pressure destroy soil structure?

No, the saturated steam is delivered in a way that simply coats the vegetation, without compacting the soil or disturbing your mulch.

Does it work on all weeds?

We have not found any soft wooded annual or perennial weeds that are resistant to the raw power of steam. However each case is different, and can take a varying amount of time depending on factors such as the area of the property and the density of the foliage.

is it appropriate for lawns and residential areas?

The use of steam is appropriate for the majority of residential areas and can be used nearly anywhere. Contact us to see if the Steam Team is the right fit for your property.

Who else IS USING IT?

Local Governments and community organisations in New Zealand, The United States, Canada and Australia are all choosing the power of Weedtechnics steam range.

A variety of gardeners and other specialist organic producer also choose the power of steam to minimise the impact that poisonous chemicals are having on their communities.

where are the machines from?

The machines are manufactured in California and the nozzles and hoses are made in Australia. Our team is proudly made in Coromandel.

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Do you have a question?

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